ALTERED is here!

Today is release day for ALTERED! Hooray!!  *throws all the confetti*


I can’t even begin to express how exciting this entire process has been. I’ve thanked my family and friends in different spots, but I wanted to take this moment to thank anyone who has read or will read this book.

I expected the nerves and the excitement to accompany release day. To some extent, I think I knew how amazing it would be to know that other people would read my words. But, I wasn’t prepared for how humbling that has been. I’m an avid reader myself, as most writers are. I know all too well that none of us have to read anything. I’ve put down stories or chosen not to pick them up for a million different reasons. Knowing that readers have chosen to spend their time in my story, with my characters…it is an enormous gift. So, thank you all, for that gift. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

If you like Blue and Seth’s story, I hope you’ll come back for the second book in the series, coming Summer 2016!

Now, on to the links!  If you would like to get your copy of ALTERED, please visit my publisher’s page. It has all the links available in one spot.

OH…and the first chapter of the book is there, in case you want to check it out first. 🙂

Just follow this link -> Entangled Publishing

With my deepest gratitude,



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